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we have yet more "a couple" of players that could have a face if we receive same treatment as porto and benfica.”

FIFA officials got a good look at Nissan Stadium when they visited last year.Am i the only one who's like please let that transfer rumour about a player to my club be true.Shapeshifters is a fan favorite yearly FIFA promo that moves players into new positions with upgraded stats. Under the proposal, there would have been a fan festival on Washington's National Mall


But seriously we should 100% have the top leagues re scanned every single year that is


La Liga


If ligue 1 is fully scanned in 22 then add them to this list. I went onto the EA site, reported the removed faces as a bug every week and EA’s offshore assistants response was always the same that they would be reporting this issue to developers. All of the 2026 World Cup will be played on natural grass. Imagine this in FIFA create a player. The remaining 5% in these clubs - are youth players/youngsters (Jones, Gilmour, Reyna, Odegaard, etc etc) who aren't shown because they aren't in the starting XI

.You have until Friday, 17 June to complete the Mata and Fabregas objectives, and Sunday, 19 June for the Cova ones, so they should be first on your to-do list. If any of your star players is long injured (Dembele for example ) or not performing as expected , you will get a msg from the board to put him into transfer list and encash to strengthen the squad .g.

A la Liga rescan too ,

Sevilla a club who's whole team is almost generic at the moment

Suso, acuna , Diego Carlos , kounde , ocampos , O Torres, this team needs scanning again. We need someone who KNOWS who should have a Star Head to make a ton of customs for players they know havent / wont be scanned for Fifa 22!!

Barella is very strange, why add 1 custom? haha! And what made him get one over other players who need one? Everything EA do fries my brain ??

I'd love 100+ more faces like the Barella one!! Weve even sent names to EA before in private via the mods

. ive played all iterations since fifa99.

we have yet more "a couple" of players that could have a face if we receive same treatment as porto and benfica.

Also on the flip side of the above point it should also make those who wish to see more Czech, Croatian, Russian, Ukrainian and Greek clubs or the entire league not lose faith as they wouldn’t need to add a whole new league to the game, just rather new clubs to pre existing “leagues” as far as I am aware. Game developers will go the extra mile to make sure their latest title is perfect for every platform (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo, Stadia). Although many people expect that the new EA Sports FC series will just pick up where the FIFA franchise left off, it's possible that EA will surprise everyone and shake up their tried and tested formula


If you put it anywhere below 40, people just abuse the wing and it will easily get into your box and if it's above 60, it will be too open in the middle, so for these strategies, 55 depth balances out nicely, so it doesn't make things too unbalanced because you're not too high on the pitch and you're not too low on the pitch so 55 depth works well.

Following this initial unveiling, FIFA will launch further games and virtual experiences around this year’s FIFA World Cup.June's Nations League campaign has been nothing short of a disaster for England manager Gareth Southgate, leaving the FA with a decision to make ahead of this winter's World Cup in Qatar.[20] The game retains the players' likenesses, but the official badge, kits and stadiums are replaced with custom designs and generic stadiums created by EA Sports.

As for Star Heads, EA can not scan Juventus, Roma, Lazio or Atalanta for Fifa 22

Ff ==>I just wanted to thank you all for the help when i buy fut coins 23<==,NV

Ff ==>I just wanted to thank you all for the help when i buy fut coins 23<==,NV

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